“Pooling wisdom and new ideas for cooperation” on the BRICS Political Parties, Think-Tanks and Civil

First time ever BRICS Political Parties, Think-Tanks and Civil Society Organisations Forum took place on 10-12 June in Fuzhou, China, under the motto: Pooling wisdom and new ideas for cooperation. Public, parliamentary and expert diplomacy all in one place has converged into a meaningful input to the future of BRICS and its further development and institutionalisation.

Our discussions included a new format of BRICS+ (invited countries), which helped to look beyond BRICS nations and discuss prospects for cooperation with those interested in such dialogue and common goals. On the forum there were discussed the high importance of international governance on cyberspace with increasing role of digitalisation of the global economy, which has been discussed along with very specific formats of intra-BRICS work needed to be done.

Representatives of the major political parties gathered for the first time since the launch of the parliamentary dimension of BRICS during the Russian presidency in 2015, commencing a new page in the parliamentary diplomacy. Final recommendations of all formats are to be presented to the BRICS Leaders ahead of the summit in Xiamen.

#publicdiplomacy #expertdiplomacy #cyberdiplomacy

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